What I wanted this blog for

When I started this blog about 3 months ago my primary intention had been to post ideas within my special field of interest, microbiology and botany, so that I could proove later, that these were actually my views, which were still not elaborated enough to be published, but for which I wanted to have acknowledged priority. I soon found out, that this would not be the right place for such an endeavour, without an official copyright it didn’t make much sense actually. As I have still other, much more private interests which show up in the blogs I am following, the first few subscriber certainly expected something very different from what they could find here. I will go on to include ideas of the kind I started with as a personal memo, but otherwise write about themes within a much wider context, that might attract users, who share with me other aspects of myself. Let me mention a few of these themes here:

Let me say first, that I am a loner most of the time, but appreciate contacts online, which serve the exchange of  views and experiences of a kind I would hesitate to discuss in a dialogue taking place in the real world. I am an old man now, and many people might think, that it is not appropriate for such a one to still think and feel as I do. I have no closer relationship to my age, I experience myself as the same person I have always been with all the attributes that are part of what I am.

An enumeration of some of the themes I am interested in apart from biology:

Reading and writing poetry and works of fiction

Being an empath

Psychology, especially connected with traumata and how they can be overcome, with  relationships out of the ordinary such as Ds, with personal development of older and younger individuals

Myths, religions, philosophy

Nature, environment, barefooting and earthing


Friendship: I confess, that I always had a preference for female friends

I hope, that you will have got an idea of what kind of a person I am, though I can be fairly diverse, as is already obvious from the above list. I have to add, that English is not my native tongue, but I prefer to use it here to reach a wider public. I apologize for any mistakes that might occur due to this fact.

I will always be glad to hear from you!




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